CARDARINE GW501516 Powder


Molecular Formula: 
Molecular Weight: 453.498 g/mol
Purity: 99+%
Storage life: 2 Years


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Buy Any 10 Products And Get 10% Off Discount | Spend £150 + and get FREE Delivery


CARDARINE GW501516 Raw Powder Bulgaria

Also known as Cardaine, this sarm became popular among athletes and bodybuilders due to its unique ability to increase the metabolism of fatty acids.

GW501516 sarms Powder is a Peroxisome Proliferator-Activator Receptor-delta (PPAR) agonist that binds to nuclear receptors that are responsible for the growth of steroidal hormones.

GW501516 sarms Powder was formulated in 1992 to reduce harmful cholesterol levels and increase the amount of good cholesterol. It was also believed to prevent the formation of tumours in the prostate, colon and breast tissue.

This way, Cardarine enhances gene expression and enables the body to release energy even during rest. As a result, athletes and bodybuilders obtain energy boosts for intense workouts they would not achieve during regular activity.

Benefits Cardarine GW501516 Sarms Powder

Burns Unhealthy Fat

The primary benefit of GW501516 is its ability to burn unhealthy fat. It achieves this by inhibiting the formation of fatty acid chains and storage of fat in the body.

GW501516 research has suggested it could be used as a source of energy to counteract the reduced intake of food.

Boosts Muscle Hypertrophy

Research has suggested GW501516 Capsules increased oxygen usage in the titch fibres of the muscle, which enhanced endurance. Research has suggested it could train at a low intensity for extended periods with short resting times.

Improved Tissue Recovery

GW501516 Capsules enhances the recovery time of the muscles and healthy function of the liver. As such, athletes and bodybuilders enjoy fat recovery period after workouts, which also reduces the resting periods in between training.

GW501516 Certificate

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